What about being a personal or private chef?

Personal and Private Chefs are amongst the highest paid in the food industry. Their clients are generally wealthy and very often they are famous. Ther... Continue Reading..

What about becoming a research chef?

The career of a Research Chef is a pretty cool one. A Research Chef will combine all their knowledge of foods and mix them thoroughly with food scienc... Continue Reading..

5 career options with a degree in hospitality management

Hospitality Management degrees can jump-start careers within many different industries. Most colleges offer two-year associate degree programs in Hosp... Continue Reading..

What is a food scientist?

There are so many cool culinary careers to consider. One of which is a food scientist. Food scientists are a combination of biology, chemical engineer... Continue Reading..

How to become a food stylist

Food stylists prepare foods for their television, magazine, or photo closeups. They work alongside the chef and the photographers to make the food loo... Continue Reading..

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