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How Much Money Do Culinary Professionals Make?

This article contains information about culinary art professionals’ salaries, and it includes average salary information for jobs like chef, pastry chef, restaurant or catering manager, and more. 

Culinary Art Salaries On Average

The average annual salary for culinary artists varies widely and depends on their experience, the job location, and the specialty they work within. According to BLS, the national average salary for a chef or head cook in 2021 was $56,920.

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“The level of pay for chefs and head cooks varies greatly by region and employer. Pay is usually highest in upscale restaurants and hotels, where many executive chefs work, as well as in major metropolitan and resort areas.” - BLS

Culinary Salaries By Career (2022 Average Wage)

Top Paying States for Chefs/Head Chefs (2022 Average Wage)

Rhode Island$81,070
New York$75,940
District of Columbia$70,950

Specific Food Service Industries and Their Pay (2022 Average Wage)

Special Food Services$65,530
Restaurants and Other Eateries$56,130
Other Amusement and Recreation Industries$73,370
Traveler Accommodation $69,440
Elementary and Secondary Schools$43,690

There are many routes to take after receiving an education and training in culinary arts. In your training, it may be important to consider, these salaries listed, location information, and industry specialties. You just may be guided into the direction you've always dreamed of. 

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