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Restaurant Management

What Is A Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant management can be an enjoyable field for customer-service oriented individuals who enjoy doing something different every day. In a well-run restaurant, you may not even know a restaurant manager exists. Restaurant managers can be found at a variety of establishments in the food service industry. The job typically involves many different aspects, including marketing and public relations, inventory, dealing with staff, and customer service.

Restaurant managers have a variety of responsibilities, but your main priority is ensuring that the restaurant is operating at a profit. Other duties may include ordering food and beverage stocks, budgeting, and handling administrative duties. You manage a staff of waiters, cooks, hostesses, and bartenders. Sometimes, you may even have to step in to serve food, greet guests, and make drinks.

Becoming A Restaurant Manager

While experience is a great way to get a job in catering and restaurant management, enrolling in culinary school can help you gain the useful knowledge and skills applicable to jobs in the field. Popular programs include restaurant, hospitality and food service management, and cover subjects like food preparation, nutrition, and sanitation. Many restaurant chains also have their own programs from aspiring managers.

Restaurant managers must create a friendly and welcoming environment for patrons and staff. Because of the food service industry is very customer-oriented, restaurant managers need to have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Initiative, leadership abilities, and reliability are also important.

Restaurant Manager Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary of restaurant managers was $63,970 in 2021, with the top 10 percent earning closer to $98,070. Your pay could vary depending on your experience, industry, and your location. 

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