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How To Become A Food Writer

What Is A Food Writer?

For those with a passion for food and a gift for descriptive writing, a career in food writing may be the perfect fit. Food writers can author cookbooks or write restaurant reviews. They often create their own blogs or websites based on the subject of food.

Food writers must have excellent communication skills as they must capture the taste, smell, appearance and texture of their dish in writing. Aspiring food writers can gain the necessary writing ability through a degree program in English, journalism or communication. Those who graduate with a bachelor’s degree will have several career options to choose from, including restaurant critics, culinary authors, or food and nutrition writers.

In addition to communication skills, good food writers also have knowledge of the culinary arts. Food writers should be knowledgeable in the preparation of ingredients, flavors specific to food, the pairing of ingredients and presentation of meals. Because of this, many choose to enroll in a culinary program to learn about food composition, chemistry and cooking techniques. Some schools now offer courses in food media or food reviewing.

Aspiring food writers may choose to build on their skills by working at a newspaper, magazine or online publication. Completion of a food writing internship or a restaurant job may also add to their credentials. They may also make it a point to travel and taste foreign dishes to widen their perspective.

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