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Requirements For Applying To Culinary Arts School

Requirements For Applying To Culinary Arts School

Though some colleges only require a high school diploma or GED to enter their culinary arts program, others require a little more experience and documentation. Learn about the other possible requirements you may encounter when applying to your desired certificate or associate degree culinary program. Learn about how to get financial aid for culinary school through the link.

Submit Your Application

First impressions are definitely important, so submit your application and fee as early as possible.

High School Diploma Or GED Credential

All programs that we researched accept either a high school diploma or GED credentials.

Letters Of Recommendation

Many schools will require one or two letters of recommendation. These letters can be from an employer, teacher, or other professional colleague either within or outside the culinary industry. Most teachers and past employers will be happy to write you a letter, and they’ve probably written them before.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Some schools, especially those with associate degree programs, have minimum grade requirements of 2.0-2.5 GPA or a C or higher average in English and math. You may need to complete developmental studies courses based on your school's assessment test results to place into the required classes.

Meeting With Faculty

A student must meet with his or her faculty advisor prior to registration, and sometimes before each semester too. Obviously each school will be different, but don't be shy! Your faculty advisor is your friend, he or she will help you greatly if you let them.

Field Work Requirements

Some colleges have experience or “field work” requirements where a student must have a minimum number of hours of paid or unpaid experience in a food-service establishment. This is a less common requirement, but we have seen it at a few schools.

Language Requirements

Some colleges have English language speaking requirements, but these colleges almost always offer a path into their culinary arts program for students who need help learning English.

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