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Consider These Alternative Culinary Arts Careers

Culinary arts careers are not confined to running a kitchen or manning a restaurant. In fact, there are many graduates who land careers outside of the role of a traditional chef.

If you’re looking to do something unique, consider pursuing one of the following alternative culinary arts careers.


Caterers use techniques created for food that is produced at a much higher volume. The food must stay fresh when served in a buffet line or over the course of long periods.  Caterers are typically hired for special events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties or work functions, where you will be responsible for every detail of the menu, including planning and preparation.


Looking to work directly with clients, consider a career as a nutritionist. As a nutritionist, you will study the effects of nutrients on the body and work with clients who have very specific dietary needs. While chefs create and prepare various types of food, nutritionists make sure their clients are consuming the correct foods at the right times. Correct nutrition can make a positive change in the health of a client and can potentially save a client’s life.

Food Stylist

Unlike chefs, who create food as equally appealing as it is delicious, food stylists prepare food so that it looks appealing when seen in a magazine or on TV. Considered the beauticians of the culinary world, food stylists are only interested in the visual side of food preparation.


Looking for an adventurous culinary arts career? Consider becoming a forager. As the organic food movement continues to thrive, restaurants are looking to incorporate both wild ingredients and farm products into their menus. These ingredients can often be found at farmers markets or other specialty stores. Foragers are responsible for locating the fresh and unique ingredients.

Restaurant Publicist

Even the best chefs need help promoting their restaurants, and when they do, they lean on their restaurant publicist. Once a restaurant publicist, you will be in charge of marketing your client’s restaurant, brand, and persona while pitching ideas to food editors and TV producers. You may also create ideas for special events and unique food offerings.

Specialty Food Shop Owner

Owning a specialty food shop is the perfect balance for someone who loves both business and food. At a specialty food shop, the possibilities are endless! These types of businesses sell organic and local food, specialty cheese, and even cupcakes.

Recipe Tester And Developer

Before a recipe makes its way into a cookbook or a blog, it’s likely that a recipe developer was working behind the scenes. As a recipe developer, you'll create delicious recipes, writing down the exact ingredients, measurements, and techniques as you go. Once created, a recipe tester will ensure that it meets the necessary standards. While this may sound like a dream job, it often takes patience and time to get the recipe right.

No matter what your culinary interests are, there are plenty notable culinary arts careers available to you. Consider these interests when starting down the path to a culinary arts degree, and you’ll most likely find success doing what you love to do!

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