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Can I Attend Culinary School Online? Culinary Arts Degree Options

Online culinary schools are a great option for busy people who still want to pursue a career in culinary arts. Whether going after a degree as a professional chef or manager of a restaurant, online culinary schools offer many options.

How Do Online Culinary Schools Work?

Finding culinary schools online isn’t a daunting task; they are plentiful, and they are offered from highly accredited schools. For example, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has a certificate you can earn completely online.

Due to the fact that culinary school is so hands on, the curriculum has to be modified to accommodate the change from a physical school to virtual.

Classes such as food science, kitchen safety, and other theoretical courses are equally as effective online as they are in the school classroom. Because the cooking courses are hands-on, live courses would be taught via webcam. If you attend a local school, it may offer one-on-one, in-person tutoring to complement the online program.

It is highly recommended, whether you take online courses or physical courses, to do an internship to gain practical experience in whichever area of culinary arts you are shooting for.

What Should You Look For In Online Culinary Schools?

When you are searching for an online school, treat it no differently than you would if you were looking for a college campus to attend. Be certain the school is accredited, so you don’t waste your time and money. Gaining a degree from a non-accredited school will lessen your chances of finding a job in the culinary industry.

Pros And Cons Of Online Culinary Schools

There are definite pros and cons to attending an online culinary school!

On the pro side, tuition is generally less expensive, and there is no commute, which can help lower the costs even more. The courses offer more flexibility for those who lead busy lives.

There are a few cons. One is the lack of social interaction. Because you are attending an online school, you won’t make social connections. And if you aren’t a motivated person, an online school can be challenging. Lastly, and most importantly: Not all online schools offer the much needed practical experience necessary for culinary arts.

Make Education Work For You

Getting your culinary certificate or degree online can really work in your favor. Take some time to research both online culinary schools and physical culinary schools near you before you make your final choice—you'll then be prepared to make the wisest decision for your goals!

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