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​Bachelor’s Or Associate Degree In Culinary Arts

The culinary world is a competitive place. The fast-paced working environment and opportunities to create new and tasty dishes appeal to many people. If you’re considering a formal culinary education, the next question is—which degree is right for you?

We've discussed the option of certificate and associate degree programs; this article goes one step higher and compares associate degrees with bachelor degrees.

  Associate Degree in
Culinary Arts
Bachelor's Degree in
Culinary Arts


A high school diploma or its     
High school diploma or GED     

Program Length

Two years

Four years

Courses Covered     

Entrepreneurship, catering
cuisine, culinary
presentation, regional
cuisine, inventory control,
baking and pastry arts

Hospitality law, customer
service, food safety, food
traditions, plate
presentation, food

Career Choices

Private home cook, food
preparation manager, sous
chef, garde manager, menu
Sous chef, assistant pastry
chef, food service director,
food stylist, personal chef

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