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Why Culinary School? Benefits Beyond Education

There are a lot of celebrity chefs who have had good luck and enough charisma to land their own television series or book deal without going to culinary school, but for the majority of professional chefs, getting formal training has countless opportunities and benefits.

Why culinary school? Here are some benefits beyond getting a great education:


Like with any type of schooling, it is all about the types of connections you make and can leverage once you’re out of school. Most people land their first entry-level job because of networking. You never know who you might become friends with while at culinary school.

Lasting Experience

When you attend a culinary arts institute, you’re going to get a lasting experience right from the get-go. Most people who don’t attend school have to climb the ladder from the lowest role in a kitchen and put in more experience to make up for not having formal training.


Award-winning, top culinary schools transfer their prestige to you once you graduate with your degree or certification. That type of information on a resume can go a long way to landing you a great job in the culinary arts field right after graduation.

Specialty Training

You can get very specialized training at culinary school if you’re looking to become a pastry chef or work within certain dietary limits like gluten free. This does mean being in school for a little longer, but it is usually not that lengthy when compared to a four-year university. And you’ll have an advantage, because you have more experience to bring to the kitchen.

Opportunities For Apprenticeships

After culinary school training, you will need to do an apprenticeship, which is very similar to a regular internship but in a kitchen under an executive chef. When you’re in school, you’ll have access to better opportunities for apprenticeships rather than being on your own. Most kitchens have a partnership with local culinary schools.

So, why go to culinary school? Because there are far more benefits than just a quick route to a lasting career when it comes to graduating. You’ll be able to form invaluable networks, have apprenticeship opportunities, get specialty training, and so much more that will only benefit your chances of finding a great cooking career.

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