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​What Do The Best Culinary Schools Have In Common?

If you are looking to attend culinary school, it is important to compare your options. Here are factors the best culinary schools all have in common.

Hands-On Experience

The best culinary schools combine classroom theory with a solid dose of hands-on work in well-equipped, on-campus kitchen classrooms and labs. These classes allow you to learn food preparation and cooking, as well as the skills needed to produce meals in volume.

Relevant Curriculum

The program curriculum should train you in professional kitchen and restaurant techniques. These are the skills that employers look for when hiring chef and pastry chef grads and will inspire you with confidence as you enter the workplace.

Class Size And Instructor Accessibility

The lecture classes may have as many as 30 students in attendance; however, smaller kitchen labs assure there is plenty of one-on-one instructor time in a working environment. The best culinary schools also have a diverse faculty that brings a variety of cultures and real-world experiences into the student kitchen.

Off-Campus Experience

Internships and externships are an important part of career preparation provided by the best culinary schools. The school should have connections to leading restaurants, hotels, and resorts.


Look for schools that have been accredited by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). The ACF only awards accreditation to schools that have demonstrated a consistent track record of long-term culinary excellence.

Diversity Of Degrees And Programs

Culinary schools offer certificate and diploma programs; some even offer education at the master’s degree level. If you are looking to specialize in the field, focused study areas should be present in your program.

Find Your School

In addition to the traits listed above, the best culinary schools also keep up with the skills, techniques, and knowledge necessary and relevant in kitchens across America and provide you with opportunities for long-term career success with attractive salaries.

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