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The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College takes a different approach to culinary education. We pride ourselves on truly knowing our students – their obstacles, challenges and motivations. We also know their potential, which is why our mission is to provide a supportive, empowering environment for our students to succeed. With Harrison College’s legacy of more than 100 years of service, we know that our students’ success doesn’t just benefit their lives – it impacts their families, friends and communities. That’s what makes us different.

The Chef’s Academy gives food-inspired students the opportunity to grow their passion into a career. The unique and collaborative environment at our North Carolina campus provides students with a hands-on experience in the kitchen starting the first day of class. Whether students are nurturing a lifelong passion or exploring a new career path, The Chef’s Academy offers motivated individuals a chance to build a fulfilling career in culinary arts or pastry arts.

The Chef’s Academy team is committed to helping students achieve success and improve their lives. What kind of success? Not just job success, but life success – happiness, pride and personal fulfillment. Our students’ stories, challenges and triumphs inspire our faculty and staff every day. These relationships are our foundation.

Our approach to education is focused on providing a support system that helps our students achieve their own success through hard work and dedication. From our experienced chefs and caring faculty to our involvement in the community, we offer students the real world experience they need to feel confident as they pursue a career in the food industry.


Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts at The Chef's Academy

The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College allows students to turn their passion for cooking into a culinary career. The Chef’s Academy’s Culinary Arts program teaches students the skills they need to pursue an entry-level career in the food service industry. Students are taught the basics in food service purchasing, nutrition and food safety and are given hands-on experience in fundamental food preparation skills, classical cuisines and the basics of meat and poultry cookery.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are full-time food service professionals and executive chefs from the local region, and each of our kitchen courses meets 40 times in a 10-week period so that students get more opportunities to work with food and practice techniques.

Through a well-balanced curriculum, Culinary Arts graduates are introduced to the fundamental concepts of food and beverage management, food production and customer service.

With a Culinary Arts degree, you have options. Graduates are able to pursue careers in a variety of areas, including hotels, fine dining, institutional and health care facilities, resorts, entrepreneurial, food truck/catering, retail food and beverage and entertainment. As a graduate of the Culinary Arts program, you may be qualified for the following careers:

  • Chef and line cook
  • Sous chef and chef de cuisine
  • Assistant chef and prep cook

Successful Culinary Arts students can be described as:

  • Positive and willing to learn
  • Professional
  • Committed
  • Team-oriented
  • Passionate

Upon graduation, a student will have the knowledge to:

  • Apply fundamental cooking techniques to a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood
  • Integrate food safety, cost controls and nutritional concepts in a professional food service operation
  • Understand the fundamentals of the classic and modern sauces and how they relate to food and wine pairing


Source: Career School Now - The Chef's Academy

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