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What Is A Food Scientist?

There are so many cool culinary careers to consider. One of these is a food scientist. Food scientists are a combination of biology, chemical engineering, and biochemistry, all rolled into one person.

What Is A Food Scientist?

The primary role of a food scientist is to study, research, and improve the efficiency and safety of food and agriculture. There are a few different areas of expertise in the field of food science. You could work in research and development, regulatory, processing, or quality assurance. You’ll use various aspects of science, such as chemistry and biology, to study foods. A food scientist will analyze the nutritional content of food, discover prospective new food sources, and find new ways through research to make processed food healthier.

If you work in quality assurance, you’ll monitor food production and ensure the process and product are good for human consumption. You will also analyze the ingredients, so manufacturers can properly label them. The research aspect of food science includes discovering and experimenting with various food storage or food additives. The developers improve upon existing products. Regulatory food scientists enforce governmental food regulations. Lastly, processing food scientists work on techniques such as canning and pasteurization.

How Do I Become A Food Scientist?

To become a food scientist, you must get a bachelor’s degree in food science or a similar field. However, even most entry-level positions require a master’s degree, and higher level positions require a doctorate.

Courses in most food science-related curriculum will include food processing operations, food laws, food microbiology, food engineering, and food chemistry. More advanced classes cover topics such as genetics, statistical analysis, and experimental design.

There is no need for a license or certification for food scientists; however, certifications that are available can be valuable for advancing within the career.

Internships are highly recommended and can help when beginning the job search, since you will already have a level of experience in the field.

How Much Does A Food Scientist Make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary of food scientists was $88,350 in 2023. Job growth is also expected to remain steady. By 2032, the BLS predicts food scientist employment will increase 6 percent, which is slightly faster than the national average.

Factors such as population growth and the concern with finding ways to feed the masses will continue to be driving forces in creating more job opportunities for food scientists.

Expand The World’s Food Supply

If you want a career working with food but would prefer to bring it to the world instead of individuals in a restaurant, then consider becoming a food scientist. You’ll have an interesting career in a newer field and a good income, too!

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