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Pastry Arts Certificate Vs. Degree

Pastry arts training allows you to work in bakeries, restaurants, catering companies, hotels, and countless other places baking up yummy creations for your customers. You can build beautiful wedding cakes, open up a cupcake boutique, or create world-class pastries for a five-star restaurant.

To get started, you need to enroll in classes. However, there are so many choices when it comes to training options, degree programs, and culinary schools that it can be downright overwhelming. If you’re trying to figure out if a certificate or degree program is right for you, here’s a quick breakdown of both.

Pastry Arts Certificate

Many pastry chefs choose to enroll in a certificate program. This allows them to attend classes and learn the ropes of working in the kitchen. The certificate program is the fastest track and won’t cost as much as a degree program. You will, however, lose out on some valuable, in-depth training and knowledge covered in a traditional degree program.

Pastry Arts/Baking Degree

Some culinary arts programs now offer a specialized associate degree in baking and pastry arts. This addition to program offerings is due to the differences in working in a bakery versus working in a commercial kitchen. A baking degree takes two years to complete. It may end with an externship program, allowing you apply your skills learned in a real-life situation.

The program that is best for you will depend on a variety of factors, such as cost and length of the time.


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