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Beyond Pastry Arts: Cupcake Baker Certification

Cupcake artistry is a real thing—there isn't just one but four different certificates that you can obtain to be a certified cupcake master!

The American Culinary Federation helps regulate the culinary arts programs found throughout the United States, but the organization also has its own certifications and licenses you can obtain as a professional chef. One of those training programs includes cupcake artistry and baking.

While you certainly don’t need to be certified in cupcake baking in order to work at a cupcake bakery (you can always get your certification or degree in general pastry arts), it doesn’t hurt to look into that sort of certification if you’re passionate about baking. It will give you a bit of an edge over the competition in the job market.

Types Of Cupcake Certifications

There are four different certificates you can obtain: Beginner, Intermediate, Decorator, or Master Baker. The decorator certificate can be a standalone certification while the rest can be built upon each other until you reach Master Baker status.

A pastry arts certification or degree can achieve a similar level of knowledge and gives you a well-rounded baking experience, but this can be a fun certificate to obtain while making your resume that much more unique to employers.

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