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Careers In Cooking And Culinary Arts

Culinary arts and cooking career opportunities will never get stale or run out of flavor. The majority of individuals who enter the culinary arts industry start out in an entry-level position as a line chef, busser, or dishwasher. These positions allow those who are passionate about cooking to gain valuable experience and climb the ranks of the kitchen. However, if you want to climb the ranks faster, attending culinary arts school is always a way to get a leg up on your competition.

Head chef

The head chef, otherwise known as the executive chef, is in charge of every dish that leaves the kitchen, both taste-wise and presentation-wise. You will be in charge of developing the menus, cooking entrees, and managing the kitchen. Head chefs must also keep track of the food and cookware, and order items as needed. In addition, you must make sure that the restaurant remains within the food safety regulations set by your state's Department of Health.

Sous chef

In larger kitchens, the sous chef is the second in command. You will be the head chef’s assistant and must help with the tasks the head chef assigns you. This includes cooking, training line cooks, monitoring the kitchen staff and outgoing dishes, assisting with inventory control, shift scheduling, and equipment maintenance. The position of sous chef is very demanding, but many of those who become a sous chef see the move as the hallmark level of achievement.

Pastry chef

Pastry or dessert chefs work in restaurants and bakeries. This is the perfect job for you if you enjoy working in the early morning, as much of the work for dessert cuisine must be finished before the lunch rush hits. Pastry chefs create delectable treats, decorate the creations, plate the items, order supplies, manage inventory, and keep the kitchen clean and organized.

You Have Endless Options

Whether you want to work in a restaurant, bakery, or food truck, the possibilities for careers in cooking and culinary arts are endless! Success in the field depends on your hard work, dedication, and passion for creating delicious food.

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