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What Are My Career Options With A Hospitality Management Degree?

Hospitality management degrees can jump start careers in many different industries. Most colleges offer two-year associate degree programs in hospitality and tourism management, and all you need is a high school diploma or GED to get in. What can you do with your degree in hospitality once you earn it?

Food And Beverage Management

Wherever food and beverages are sold, there is a need for management. Catering, hotels and motels, or restaurants are just a few options that exist for management opportunities. The food and beverage managers oversee the operation of any on-property food services. You will also put in charge of human resources, food supplies, customer service, and inventory. Food and beverage managers also are tasked with employee training, employee evaluation, and conflict resolution. 

Human Resources Management

A human resources manager within the food industry is in charge of the hiring and firing of employees and all other duties surrounding those employees. Human resource managers with a degree in hospitality management are highly regarded within the hospitality field. Your responsibilities may include paychecks, benefits, employment, and conflict resolution among employees. 

Lodging Management

Lodging management is needed in hotels, motels, and all other lodging types tourists will stay in. Your duties will put you in charge of all going-ons within the property you are employed. Marketing, customer relations, and ensuring everything is running smoothly are just a few pieces of the job of a lodging manager. 

Casino Management

There are a lot of areas within the U.S. where gambling is legal, and casinos are popping up in those places. A casino, or gaming, manager is put in charge of overseeing large sums of money that flow through the establishment. You will also have day-to-day operations, facility management, and employee and customer relations on your to-do list.

Travel And Tourism Management

Travel and tourism agents and managers work in all aspects of the tourism industry. You may be employed with travel agencies, cruises, sales, and tours. You will book travel for tourists, oversee entertainment, or manage staff. One perk as a travel and tourism manager is that travel is usually included in the job description and at a deep discount.

Become A Manager

There are quite a few additional career options you can choose from when you have a diploma or degree in this field. Go into an area that excites you. Your work as a manager begins with finding a hospitality program at a school near you.

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