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More and more institutions are trading in the classroom for the world wide web, and their degree programs are following them. The popularity of online classes continues to increase due to the flexibility and convenience they offer. Even hands-on programs are moving online, and culinary arts is no exception.

Culinary school is traditionally a hands-on program. Because of this, online associate’s degrees in culinary may be limited. Many online culinary schools offer programs in a hybrid format. This means some classes are available online while others require students to visit the campus.

Typically, theoretical courses can be taught effectively online. These classes include subjects like food science, safety, hygiene, and cost control. Practical and demonstrations are necessary to perfect your cooking skills. Some courses will have live demonstrations via a web cam.

An online culinary arts associate degree takes two years to complete. All online programs will recommend that students search for an internship in a kitchen that will allow them to practice under the supervision of an experienced chef.

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