Research Chef

What is a research chef?

Not just an expert in cooking, a research chef is an expert in researching new foods and ingredients. They use their training in food science and culinary arts to contribute to research and development. Working as part of a culinary team, they apply their knowledge of chemistry, engineering and sensory evaluation to create recipes and products that appeal to consumers.

Research chefs formulate and test new products and supplies for food establishments. They develop new recipes and products by conducting consumer testing, observing market trends and modifying recipes. They oversee product testing, comply with product labeling and packaging standards, and assist in marketing.

Working as a research and development chef requires a formal culinary education. Research chefs need to complete a certificate or degree program from a culinary arts school or community college. Food scientists need a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science, biology, chemistry or physics.

When applying for research chef jobs, a lot of companies prefer chefs with generally three years of experience as an executive chef or kitchen manager. Companies also like you to have experience in developing new products, such as creating and marketing new recipes for a restaurant menu.

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