Catering Management

Catering management is one of many career options within the industry of hospitality management. Workers in this profession oversee the daily operations of a variety of food service establishments, including chain restaurants, fast food companies and upscale dining restaurants.

For individuals who enjoy doing something different every day, catering management can be very enjoyable. Catering managers handle all aspects of a company’s catering business, including monitoring inventory, ordering supplies, hiring and training staff, assisting with the creation of menus and handling customer issues.

Most employers prefer candidates with a degree in a field related to catering, such as restaurant, hospitality, or food service management. These programs cover subjects such as food preparation, nutrition, and sanitation, as well as business and accounting. There are also catering schools that offer certificate programs in the subject.

Successful catering managers will have experience and a thorough understanding of the operations of the catering industry. Catering managers should also be able to handle change and stress, be organized and have good problem-solving skills. In addition, individuals in this field must be flexible and willing to work long hours.

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